Digital Caveman Live

This was a live performance at the “For The Love Of Music” festival in little Haiti at the Earth n’ Us farm. What a Miami gem, tucked away out of sight in the middle of little Haiti. I got the opportunity to call up Sean Dibble & John Zingale; two members of “The Tribe”, Miami’s original percussion ensemble. The Tribe began gigging in the 1980’s. Original members include my older brother, Bryan Bistrong, Sean Dibble, and John Zingale. As a young teenager, to me, these guys were the coolest, hands down. When I began to play hand drums in my early 20’s I idolized the Tribe. They had toured Europe and played on the title track of Julio Iglesias’s grammy winning album, “Noche de Cuatro Lunas”. They were fifteen years ahead of the times and today, are still at the forefront of percussion ensembles. It was an honor to have them as accompaniment; unfortunately, my brother was not present; but plenty more where this came from.