Digital Caveman Collective


Jared Bistrong & Ramin Yazdanpanah are the “Digital Caveman Collective”. . .two ancient didgeridudes trapped in a modern digital environment. To survive in an era defined by a combination of 1’s & 0’s, the Digital Caveman stays balanced by connecting to a primordial past through hand-made organic instruments such as Didgeridoos, Djembes, Cajons, Udu’s and other instruments from around the world. The DC Collective have been making, playing and teaching the didgeridoo together for the last 15 years and have played all over the world. Both college professors, Jared & Ramin use a combination of ancient tools & modern digital tools to tell stories about the human condition. Their performances open up pathways for audiences to take their own journeys back through history giving all who hear their sound a stronger sense of their own modern digital self. They are true digital cave dwellers!