Sound Healing

The very first Wu healing exploration I participated in carried some strange energy with it, to say the least. Almost simultaneously, all the instruments that I brought to use in the NSEV healing exploration, seemed to explode into pieces, literally. The skin of my Djembe Drum popped and a whole bunch of my shakers and small percussion all fell apart. At the time, I didn’t give it much thought. For me, the story and stigma of the Wu seems to touch close to home with me, literally. When I first heard Dan Atchison-Nevel talk of the Wu I heard a distant grumble begin to shake deep within my innards. As I learn more and more about the Wu I am always reminded more and more about my own Mother and the fearless energy, courage, and determination she conveyed while raising seven children as a single mother. I witnessed first hand the power of this energy and how when it emerged, it could not only transform a room of people, but literally an entire community.
She seemed to have a hidden source of energy she could pull from instinctively, on a second’s notice. It was a force that could build a city and annihilate all at the same time. For when she gave orders from this source, people listened. Not just my brothers and sisters and I, but hordes of strangers. I saw this energy throw itself into the middle of danger without a second thought. This is the same energy that also had the capability to nurture. In one moment it could turn a broomstick into a a deadly spear, and in another moment, a Popsicle stick into a splint. It was this ancient energy that I feared and at the same time lived by.

When my son Ocean was born, I watched my 5 foot tall wife, Ely Bistrong (another Wu master), express such a force of energy and tap into something so profound, fierce and wise that it humbled me so deeply and made my manhood feel like a scared trembling twerp. I’ve never looked at her the same and still think about my own Mother making this same journey seven times and something deep in my bones shiver.

When I play the didgeridoo it allows me to tap into my own primordial grumblings, yet not have people run from me in fear. It allows me to say what is impossible to express through “normal” means of communication. It literally satisfies the deepest caves of my being. Although the Wu had something to say to me before when they ravaged my instruments, this time the Wu gave us this recording. Before this didgeridoo session I tried to turn on my recorder and there was a malfunction. So I accepted the fact that this performance would not be documented. For some unknown reason I was flipping through the recorder the next morning and there appeared this recording. A message from the Wu, perhaps. Spears & Splints?

During this recording I envisioned myself alone in complete darkness, isolated in a cavernous space where every breath, sound, and movement echoed throughout a series of chambers. The only way to remain safe was to warn any potential danger by expressing my innermost ferociousness through a series of grunts, groans, and growls interspersed with calm settled breaths, ready for action. The title of this track is “The DidgeriWuDoo”


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