This is me, the Digital Caveman and my soul brother Ramin Yazdanpanah kicking off the Caravan for Japan Concert in Gainsville, Florida with Special Guests Shibaten Spirits. We have been playing didgeridoo together for 15 years now and it’s been quite a journey. We began playing and making didgeridoos together back in the mid-1990’s in Tallahassee, Florida while attending college at FSU. At the time, didgeridoos, let alone, didgeridoo players were very hard to come by.  We couldn’t log on to youtube and watch some of the best players in the world giving video tutorials like you can do today. We had one instructional cassette tape that we managed to get our hands on. That’s it. The rest was breath and sweat!! Although we only see each other once every few years–when we play together it feels like we play together everyday. We talked back stage for about 10 minutes before this set and came up with a skeleton of a plan of what we were going to do. The one thing that bonds us is that we both strongly believe in the ancient knucklehead spirit of the didgeridoo and the power it has to pull out something in each of us so profound and serious yet so carefree and goofy all at the same time. Said to be the oldest instrument that man has played, the didgeridoo is a testament that human beings were knuckleheads long before we decided to become civilized. In fact, it could be argued that it’s man’s inner knuckleheadedness that has given rise to human innovation, evolution, and culture as we know it today. As it is also said, that we’ve advanced too far too fast for our own good, it is the didgeridoo that connects us with our knucklehead past which I believe will help lead us back into balance with our “roots”. Clearly, it is my medicine of choice, when trying to survive the life of a Digital Caveman. This festival was organized by Didgeridoo performer, crafter, and educator, Lindsey Dank of HomeTreeCreations (

Solar Sonic Vortex

This is a live album recorded on the beach. Part of an on-going 10 year jam session on S. Beach Miami. This is music that can’t be created anywhere else. . .the water, sun, and people all contribute to the sounds you hear here. To try to get this in a studio or on a concert stage would be impossible. This was recorded during the Solar Eclipse. Although we couldn’t see it on the E. Coast, there was all sorts of weird energies flying around. There was a circular vortex like cloud formation that formed right above our heads. Black, white and red clouds swirled into a strange mix directly over us as it rained all around us, but not on us.

Solar Sonic Vortex (Live Album)


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