Welcome to My Digital Cave!
This blog is an expression of who I am: A Digital Caveman–A hairless ape existing in a digitized environment ordered by a series of ones and zeros; yet, still a slave to the same ancient impulses that have had Man & Woman haphazardly bouncing around the globe for eons. My expression through words, music, video and images are a mere attempt to make sense of my own cave and find balance amidst the ironies of our modern electronic existence.

A native of Miami, Jared Bistrong was born and raised in a family of seven children. His family has a south Florida heritage dating back to the early 1800’s and are descendents of the original “Conchs”, the first true home builders and settlers to live in south Florida. As a writer, teacher, musician, and multimedia artist, Jared lives on South Beach with his wife and son.


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